turtletfsketch by SeaCigar

turtletfsketch by

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Ah, this one should be explained a bit. I drew it to represent the concept of the Ninja turtles (you know the ones) undergoing their initial transformation from standard beast to anthropomorphic crimefighter. as such I made it as mutate-ey as possible: the five digits on each hand and foot shifting, some growing, some shrinking, becoming the familiar 3 fingered, 2 toed shape folks are familiar with. The limbs stretching and filling with muscle, suiting a 2 legged creature. yeah, this one was a bit more of a chaotic transformation, so I thought a painful aspect would be more suitable. so yah.


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love the TMNT and love this tf :D




A note for the future: apparently certain copyrighted creatures are not allowed on transfur: this is a rule I never stumbled across, but is just fine: as a newbie, I'm gonna make mistakes. other than this one (which is a generic turtle of no known name) any of my copyright character transformations will be available on my Furaffinity Gallery. Sorry for the initial trouble;)


no initial trouble here lol it looks great keep em comeing ^^