Eltirith The Gryphon Part Three by Wrathofautumn

Eltirith The Gryphon Part Three by

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Last page, inspired by a dream I had!

The weeks rolled by, and as Nienor said, she did everything she could to find a way to return Eltirith to normal. Eltirith was not ill-treated, either. He was given a bed to roost on and fed with some of the finest meats. He was trained and pampered as any flying mount of the Alliance was. Though it was not too bad a luxury, he missed Quel'thalas. How could he go home, though, looking like he did? How could he face his own kind?

Finally, after consulting some of the wisest of the Night Elves, she found an answer to her problems. To become Sindorei again, he would venture through Blackfathom Deeps and slay the Naga which lived there. The naga, to whom were responsible for the liberation of Prince Kael'thas, had to receive retrbtuion for the madness they'd unleashed onto Azeroth.

The task completed, Eltirith found that his body was returned to his normal form. He finally had the opporunity to go home...but when he looked at himself, he felt confused and empty. He no longer had the craving for the Sunwell or the arcane magics he lived with. His whole body and form felt wrong, twisted and ugly. He found himself so disgusted with himself as an elf, he could no longer consider the Sindorei his people. In a remarkable choice, he reverted back to his gryphon form.

Eltirith no longer cares for the ambitions of what were once his kin. He would later fly with Nienor to the Outlands and discover that Kael'thas had betrayed them all. Though it no long mattered, he felt as though what happened at Ashenvale those many months ago was a strange destiny that saved his life. Whatever spirits lurked in the Emerald Dream, he was now glad of what they'd done to him. He know his place now: beside Nienor and the Queldorei.

For the Alliance!


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I read all your story and I just love them.


Not all blood elves are evil, you know. I can never remember their name (oracles or something like that, can't remember) but there's a large group of blood elves in Outland that oppose Kael'thas. There have an uneasy alliance with the Dranei in the area, though neither side trusts the other.