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Now Complete! This is Zachary Bloodstone, Antigra's IoDM character. While not injected with mythological dragon DNA (as in the setting it doesn't exist) The doctors did their closest approximation: A combination of hypomelanistic blood corn snake, alligator, frilled lizard, basilisk lizard, impala, bat, and panther to create a Western Dragon. And ahh, the 'miracles' of science and the regrowth-properties of a transformation.


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Wow!!! It's really nice so far can't wait till the other 2 pictures are up to complete it


To Cool, I special like Page 2 and 3..


Not to be picky, but on the second frame, his left arm isn't really... there, but good art besides that.


It's not really there in the first frame either, Longhorn ^_~. Read the descriptions, he starts out missing an arm.


Well I see what longhorn means because it does look like he could have his arm behind his back. But just read the description always


Impressive... now... >.> Can I be on the IoDM?


I too quite want to join into the festivities.


Oh my GOD! This is so awesome! I love the motion in this sequence. Definately among my favorite transformations from you.


This'll probably end up being one of the best dragon tf sequences... well.. ever!


I agree with bobbytf Arania you rock to


I really do like frame 4


*waves a flag* Wewwt! ^^ I feel bad for Moreau, though. xD Piecing together something like that must have been a pain x3


More edge definition would do a lot to enhance the colouring, I feel. Though the teeth and horns are sharply definred in that last frame, it's otherwise very hard to see any edges at all amongst that red, particularly with that level of scale detail competing for your focus (shrunken down to thumbnail size, it's a lot clearer to see). It's also more difficult to judge weight and light-source without any sort of background, but this is typical of the IoDM format as a whole - the sequences ought to have a basic level of rough shadow to indicate the 'floor'.


Pure quality, nuff said. *thumbs up*


I gotta say, I think this is one of the best dragon TF's I've seen. But I like this sort of dragon, lith and sinewy, not the enormous fat-so's you see so often.


Very nice. I love how there's color and detail both, in abundance. Anyone else reminded of the Lizard, but cooler?


As I said previously, it turned out exactly as I expected. And : joysweeper, I agree, and think that's good, remember this isn't a dragon but a combination of many species, it shows :D


very sharp - this is one of your best pieces by far - nice work ^^


with this great picture, some questions about the setting spring into my mind. What remains of his old memory? is he now still as sentient as a human he once was, or nothing more of a crazed animal, mad from the stress of tranformation? what skills does he still have, can he still talk in human tongue or only hiss like a lizard or snake? anyway, if i had to choose a form, or assigned a form this one would be a favorite (i like dragons and scalies), preferrable without to much pain during the trnasformation.


holy shit amazing! I just gotta say this Ive been watching your art for a loooooong time and Im a big fan. I just wanted to pointed out your style has improved so much over the years, I really hope you realise this and are proud of it! Because you damn well should be :D


Nice Dragon TF Series..


this looks cool and looks kind of like how the lizard transforms in spiderman


I realy wanna see you do a horse transformation series :D


It's one of the best Dragon TF's that I have ever seen. It does remind me of the Lizard.


Great job!! I love the expressions on his face.


Lol, he looks like a Hogwarts student or something