Jenny is an Ass by Dragon-Storm

Jenny is an Ass by

Date: 5/16/2008 Views: 14784 Favorites: 69 Comments: 5


Yes More Puns, It's Easy writing, in others words I'am lazy Anyway, Old Pic I touched Up An reposted on DA, Its A kind off revenge pic for anyone who had somone who annoys them and wish the could change that...


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Geez, if I had a spell to chage people into donkeys, the town I live in would be full of jack asses that live up to there name ;)


Hehe, pretty funny. And not bad. But you needn't upload them so large!


thats how i scan them i don't know how to make them any smaller, on Da their is a size adjust, but on transfur and furaffinty there is not, any you can it all clearly from normal view you don't have to zoom in...


Try using Irfanview it's free and lightweight and you easily do resizes and converts and stuff.


Well, I like them big myself, for archival purposes. It's always possible to scale an image down to fit a need but scaling it back up again doesn't look so good. Also, I should add, I really like this image itself. Face donkey, yay! :)