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This is a pitch for my next game, Star Glass. It's an adventure/puzzle game where you, The Traveller, obtain a mirror that takes you into a shattered world of anthroes. And not only that, but it changes you as well into one of the natives. As soon as you get there, you're trapped inside, and have to find an alternate way back home. It's a game where the story writes itself depending upon the configuration of your character. The puzzles shall require a basic knowledge of geometry and whatnot, so better remember your math, kiddies! XP


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So when will this game be ready?


I second Grgrgr, I want to know where I can find it as well!


When is the game going to be ready? And where do I find it?


Well, you'll have to come to me about it. But don't come snapping at my heels. I almost have it ready, but it needs to be tested for bugs and whatnot and some edits on the storyline. :P I'd say give me a few months or so.


\o/ Games! Quick question: Is the species predetermined, random, or can one choose? Same with gender.


I'm intrigued by the idea of this game. Transformations -and- requiring actual intelligence to play, not to mention a varied experience each playthrough? I'd love to hear any updates on the status of this game as it progresses.


Okay, updates, hm? Well, Dragonsparke, the answer to your question is thus. Your character's configuration is as follows: Gender(Male or Female), Class(Jock, Nerd, Goth, Average Joe/Jane), favorite species(Lion, deer, wolf, and fox), and your attitude towards being a furry. Each of these traits affects how the game is played and often how each puzzle is solved.


Interesting premise. Is this gonna be a pencil-and-paper game? A card game? Computer game? Inquiring minds need to know. :D


Only those 4 species? Isn't that a bit limited? Including some non-mammals would be nice...


Who cares? That games sounds unique and awesome, I hope its not a game that will never be completed, because I'd love to play it ^_^


A bit limited, yes, but I wanted to try something simple at first, Lacerta.


Oh, whoops! Hehe, pressed enter on accident. Anyway, as I was saying, it's a bit limited at first, but I wanted to try something small at first and then have people's feedback on what I could do to improve. Then, with a possible sequel, I can put all these new ideas into a much better one. Besides, I don't want to go balls out right away. If I put too much thought into something, then it doesn't really become fun anymore, you know?


you need to make a version for the mac!


A basic map of the island would help out a lot. I kept on getting confused over where I was supposed to go next.


Is the game finished?