Bakeneko's Gift -WIP- by TimidTabby

Bakeneko's Gift -WIP- by

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Another unfinished comic Sequence I started years ago.

Our young man loves his precious cat, a orphaned feline who showed up to his house one day looking awfully similar to his last beloved pet that passed away, both immediately enthralled at first sight taking in the affectionate cat. There is just something about the feline that reminds the young man of her, expressing the same intelligence and loving zeal his dear old pet shared for him.

Turned out his instincts were dead on.

One night his new cat begins to yowl waking him from sleep. At first there seem to be no reason as she immediately stops. But after a moment of awkward silence...she talks. Astounded, the young man watches as his cat starts to stand on its hindpaws almost like a human, smiling as she tells him a startling secret.

She IS his past cat, her spirit remaining longing to stay in this world; with him. And she discovered a magic she now possess that she wishes to share with her loving human companion, one she knows he will love dearly.

After all; she knew his secret, the drawings he spent days upon of people become animal counterparts and his own embracing of feline tendencies. It's what she loved about her companion when she was alive...and what she hopes he'll love as she influences the changes through her magic touch.

And the young man mews elatedly in kind.

That was the premise for this short Cat TF sequence, trying to base some of the story off from the lore of Japanese feline spirits like the Bakeneko or the Nekomata. Loosely anyways. I plan to go back to this (like everything else, hehe) cause I loved this idea. Though I did create one very lengthy Cat TF sequence right after sketching these.

That's coming up next.