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Terrestris Somni Characters by Wrathofautumn
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Following the original procedure, Forrest is looking at his new cheetah body. Based on the story here(http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6564053) Forrest "Gump" Hanks grew up in a lower-middle class family and contracted polio at a young age. His chances for survival were slim, and the damage to his spinal cord nearly left him permanently crippled. Through exercise of his legs and by sheer force of will, however, Forrest was eventually able to repair the damage to his body and became a healthy, ...
French Soldier by Wrathofautumn
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Commission for Emil Wolf. A French Soldier patrolling the Sahara Desert comes across a holy artifact and then stuff gets serious! 6/6 Complete! The changes are finally finished! The new soldier holds his sword high, ready to challenge those who'll stand in his way.
Eltirith The Gryphon Part Three by Wrathofautumn
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Last page, inspired by a dream I had! The weeks rolled by, and as Nienor said, she did everything she could to find a way to return Eltirith to normal. Eltirith was not ill-treated, either. He was given a bed to roost on and fed with some of the finest meats. He was trained and pampered as any flying mount of the Alliance was. Though it was not too bad a luxury, he missed Quel'thalas. How could he go home, though, looking like he did? How could he face his own kind? Finally, after consulti...
Eltirth The Gryphon Part Two by Wrathofautumn
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The same story continued, inspired by that same dream. Fully changed into a gryphon, he turns his back from his old friend and looks outward beyond the trees, sulking about his condition. So what if the eggs were saved? What about him? He'd been turned into a freak! Nienor, ashamed of what she brought Eltirith into, does her best to console the former Sindorei. She swears to him that she will find a way, whatever possible, to make sure he'll change back. In the meantime, though, she would ...
Eltirth The Gryphon Part One by Wrathofautumn
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I would post this as a sequence, but there is a story to it, which I can't do like I did before Transfur got all these renovations. I can make good use of the description now, though. :) This is based on a dream that I had and it was a very vivid one, so I drew it! Eltirith Stargazer was a proud Spellbreaker of Silvermoon City. He had been there when the Alliance abandoned Kael'thas and the Queldorei in their greatest need. He was there when Lor'themar Theron was made regent lord, and he w...
More Tigers Blood by Wrathofautumn
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Hehe. With the summer comes snowcones and thus the return of my favorite flavor, Tiger's Blood. So here I am, changing into a Tiger again from the snowcone! Enjoy!
Run Duma Run! by Wrathofautumn
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Run Duma Run! Run Duma Run! FASTER! FASTER! This was inspired by an episode of Phineas and Ferb called "Run, Candace, run!" You know, for a show that boasts how these two kids are going to all the coolests stuff before the summer is over, they have still yet to do a TF episode! Every show has at least one. But I digress. The episode is about how Phineas and Ferb develop shoes that will let them run proportionately to that of a cheetah. And I'm just thinking...that would make an awesome TF! ...
Surprise Me by Wrathofautumn
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A moderately old commission from Protosavver. I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as he did. "ON THE OUTSIDE! GET IT? I CAN GET AWAY WITH BECAUSE I'M GEORGE LUCAS!"
Shadowfox TF Trade by Wrathofautumn
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A trade I've owed Shadowfox for a long while. I hope you like it man!
The Time Toaster Expository by Wrathofautumn
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A rather creative TF I thought of while on Christmas Vacation. We simply need more TFs about SCIENCE! Featuring Timidtabby as the main victim! >:3 9/9 Complete and I think you all will love the ending.