Content Policy

Updated 3/29/2021

The following guidelines were used as the basis of Transfur's content policy:

  1. Remain focused on showcasing transformation-related artwork.
  2. Promote creativity and originality in artwork posted to Transfur.
  3. Protect copyrights.
  4. Respect other people’s personal privacy.
  5. Uphold the laws of the country Transfur is hosted in.

Artwork should involve transformations

To help keep the site specialized in nature, we would prefer artwork to include themes involving physical transformations.

Examples of acceptable content:

Artwork must not be obscene

Content deemed obscene or extremely offensive is prohibited.

Examples of unacceptable content includes:

Artwork must be above a certain skill level

Images posted to the site are expected to show a basic knowledge of anatomy and artistic skills.

Artwork must be original

Artwork must be presented in an acceptable manner

Artists posting material to the site should prepare their images in an acceptable manner for public viewing.