Artist Challenges

The life aquatic

Start Date: 8/17/2013

A new found, deep appreciation of the ocean.

Chocolate curse

Start Date: 3/31/2012

Somewhere during Easter, a victim is turning into a chocolate animal.

A suspicious banner ad

Start Date: 11/27/2011

"Learn this one old trick that made me a better kangaroo".

Trapped at the pool

Start Date: 7/7/2011

Don't sneak in to the neighborhood pool for a midnight swim, or the heavy duty cleaning chemicals may keep you there - permanently!

Plastic surgery gone wrong

Start Date: 11/6/2010

Unable to afford an expensive cosmetic surgeon at home, a person heads to a cheaper, yet highly rated, overseas clinic. Waking up from the general anesthetic, the person is horrified to discover that...

Summer fun

Start Date: 9/3/2009

What I did on my summer vacation. Or, what happens at summer camp stays at summer camp.

Animal attraction

Start Date: 2/9/2009

A valentine's day gift that they'll go wild for!

Toxic candy

Start Date: 10/8/2008

Widespread distribution of candy from unknown sources can cause allergic side-effects or other problems. Always check your candy before eating. With tens of millions of candies being distributed on a single night, sometimes strange things slip into the trick-or-treat bag. Old man down the street out for revenge? Wide scale gene-replacement experiments? Corporations disposing of their "bad" candy when no-one notices? Tainted foreign chocolate? Whatever you choose, come up with a candy "product" to go with your image!

There's only one correct answer

Start Date: 9/6/2008

Does this make my butt look big?

Unfortunate were-creature

Start Date: 7/13/2008

An unfortunate were-creature curse.

Friend into house pet

Start Date: 4/9/2008

Draw a friend, family member, or significant other that you've

Chinese zodiac animal

Start Date: 3/10/2008

Draw yourself transforming into your Chinese zodiac animal.