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Anteater by frankenJade
2859 views, 18 favorites, 2 comments
"Why the long face? Anteater curse acting up again?"
Couple TF - The Rainforest Room by Cayuga
17988 views, 60 favorites, 9 comments
A TF comic! Wordless, because I want to push ARTISTIC BOUNDRIES. The Rainforest Room at the TF Hotel. They didn't get what they expected with those fancy candles. But they seem into it. A lady turning into a gorilla and feeling weird about it (at first) was compelling to me. I wanted to play with her being bigger than him at the end. An anteater TF seemed to be utterly boring but I gave it a shot. This was also my first published TF with exposed female nipples (that weren't cow udd...
Anteater tf by Heezy
10210 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Request for somebody here on Transfur. Guy turning into a anteater. This was fun to draw, though I think I could've done better with the posing. Maybe next time. :p
tamandua by Terrifel
10792 views, 27 favorites, 6 comments
MAD! They called me mad at the Academy... But at long last, I have finally perfected my Tamandua Elixir-- and now, with all the powers of the noble South American tree anteater, I shall RULE THE WORLD! MUHUHAHAHA-- hmm... Actually it does sound kind of crazy when I say it out loud like that. Maybe they were right about me after all! Anteater powers?! What was I thinking?!
AnTF by Antherios
11541 views, 19 favorites, 5 comments
He's turning into an anteater! And a bear! At the same time! MAGIC!
Anatoli-anteater by Antherios
8223 views, 11 favorites, 0 comments
What an awkward predicament! Anatoli finds his arms getting bulkier, his fingernails hardening into long claws... nevermind the tongue or tail. XD He seems to be turning into a horrible monster... or just an anteater. ;)