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Hawhee new year by Binturongboy
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Something I worked on for the new year since I've been in a rather donkey mood.
You gotta lotta nerve, boy by Demyxia
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"So, you think you can waltz into -my- establishment and cause all this ruckus? Pfeh, you adventurers are all the same. Got your big mouths and your grand stories of spoils. Well, where're those spoils now, eh? Where's that damsel you escorted out in your arms? But she dumped your sorry ass for someone a lot more charming... "Ah! I know, let's get you a new career, one more befitting someone with a mouth like yours. You like that oat stout, doncha? Well, I got a lot more where that came from. D...
Braying Brew by Kitsunefan
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Its that island again
Crowbar by Tgwonder
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irish setter by Edthebordercollie
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Too much celebration on St Patrick's day can really bring out the Irish in you. request from FA