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The New Normal - Issue Two: Contagion - Prologue by Sonicspirit
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Here we go! So here's the illustration and first chapter (prologue, really) for New Normal! ^_^;; It kinda sucks to not do it in comic form, but yeah, I'm happy to get this story told! ^_^;; Well, sorta. Transfur's character limit prevents me from posting the whole chapter here, so I'll post as much as it lets me, and just drop the links to where the full thing can be read below. I guess the current plan is to continue to mirror the chapters here as they're written. There will be more TF in u...
Trip to the Barn by Blacksheeptfs
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Whoops! We got another cow girl on the farm
Big PIG! by Blacksheeptfs
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Huge thanks to Boaredman for commissioning this piece from me Finally some male artwork on my page lol
Horse TF by Taitora
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Horse TF by Mearcu-hound
12229 views, 73 favorites, 4 comments
Just a quick horse transformation
You can lead a horse... by Wildkatt
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Brooke softly brushed the coat of the powerful mere in the silence. She had come right out to the stable after the school bus dropped her off wanting to avoid her parents but the solid footsteps that approached warned her that her father had located his daughter. "Just got off'ta phone with the school Brooke. Ya want ta tell me yerself what is goin' on in that head of yers?" the silver haired man asked his youngest child. Brooke didn't raise her eyes from the horse she was caring for and wa...
Bovinity by ArcticFFFox
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Halfbody TF commission for @PheagleAdler of him turning into his large, bovine self! That bell's been given some special properties by this mist that's floating around...
Forbidden Brew by Stickmanwww
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A very curious farm hand sneaks a drink of his father's personal "brew". His dad kept a very strict eye on him and kept him away as best he could, and he always rebelliously wished to discover why. One day when he saw his chance, he took it. Then instantly regretted his actions... ...Until his human mind started to fade, leaving behind another assistant in the daily farm chores.
Visit Lovely Pleasure Island by Viergacht
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Another very nice commissioner to work with. The stock I used reminded me of the little donkey my sister had years ago :) I tried to liven up a fairly static head shot with some other interesting stuff in the frame. It takes some extra work to get all the little elements together but the end result paid off - I think it's one of the better morphs I've done and it was an interesting change of pace from werewolves, although lord knows I love me some werewolves.
He asked for it by hogbelly
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Just a fantasy of me transforming into a pig..