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Ursaring TF by Taitora
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Jaylin chillaxin by KrazyIvan
4134 views, 26 favorites, 3 comments
An off shot from my personality quiz sketch sequence. Jaylin left the quiz half way through to browse twitter. In answer to your question, yes there is a nude:
Scarf of [+STR] by WhenWolvesCryOut
4187 views, 36 favorites, 4 comments
patron sequence. dragon tftg. Gotta watch the wording on those stat boosting items.... though I guess [+STR] is a bit vague...
Milking It by KrazyIvan
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Being a diary farmer gets complicated when you're the one being farmed.
Issues Of Lab Volunteering by KrazyKurt
9259 views, 53 favorites, 1 comment
Laboratory tests are almost safe, but always something can go wrong. Apparently testing is going according to plan this time. And for a volunteer who clearly did not expect consequences after researching an unknown substance...
Redwood by KrazyIvan
4318 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
Red Pander TF request for a friend
Yoga Mouse by KrazyIvan
5293 views, 44 favorites, 2 comments
Getting into shape was one of Jennifer's goals for the year. She found losing weight easy but she couldn't explain why her belly grew rounder while her clothes seemed to fall off of her after each session. Her trainer insisted that this just meant her regime was working...
Cheer Leader of the Pack by KrazyIvan
5347 views, 59 favorites, 1 comment
Something felt off when she stepped on the field. Jill was used to jeers about shouts and insults were new to her, she responded in kind before noticing the pads on her hands...
[💲] Red by Honey-Bear
4955 views, 46 favorites, 1 comment
Guys gotta have some fun too. Character now belongs to Kooncds !
[💲] New Horn by Honey-Bear
5133 views, 74 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for NekomancerOrion on FA of their lovely OC, Hazel, turnin into a hulking rhino beast!