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[Commission]-Kyrik's Wereravensona by Fringedog
7579 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Commisson for Kyrik!
Doggone Cerberus - Comm. by Ametf
14656 views, 69 favorites, 2 comments
TF coloured sketch commission for TFInferno on FA. Himself and a friend merging and transforming into a Cerberus from Final Fantasy IXIVIVXIIIVX
Mutagen Tastes Funny by Halcyon
12001 views, 98 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for EHH123 on FA
A Morning Run by Jcheetah
20264 views, 250 favorites, 6 comments
As she went for her usual morning run in the forest, she found herself on a small forest clearing she had not seen before. There was an old altar in its centre and once she approached it, something strange began to happen...
Monster Hunter Enhanced Reality by DstRoy
7847 views, 64 favorites, 4 comments
Hey, what a new and awesome marketing trick! Now where is the game? And yet another long-in-the-making piece done! And it turned out rather well, I'd say. :D This teostra tf piece was requested by Kuro-the-panther from FA and I had a ton of fun drawing this. :) The colours and background turned out better than I expected, and this piece is one of the few ones that I actually kinda like. :P It's not wise walking without shoes in a convention.
Selftg by LanceNightingale
14242 views, 75 favorites, 1 comment
Mermaid Discoveries by SepiSnake
17008 views, 121 favorites, 5 comments
A scuba diving couple comes across a lone treasure chest along the fringes of an old shipwreck. But instead of just being full of treasures, they find that it has an added surprise for the couple. Done mostly in-stream and trying out different brushes for cel shading. I love doing shark mermaid transformations~
Commission: Unicorn Spells by SepiSnake
3 images, 27317 views, 224 favorites, 8 comments
A transformation sequence commission for Dimensional42 of my persona & his falling victim to a centaur unicorn's transformative spell.
Old manip thing by Ametf
7341 views, 23 favorites, 1 comment
Done a year ago... quite literal ( 20th October '14 WooOOoooO ) Just experimental
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
4 images, 17911 views, 35 favorites, 10 comments
Based on a true story.