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Snake Time! by Dondedun
5434 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
Sometimes you just don't want legs.
Materia Mishap by Dondedun
6483 views, 59 favorites, 4 comments
Tifa learned the hard way that dropping unstable materia can have some bizarre effects
Cow Science! by Dondedun
6095 views, 59 favorites, 3 comments
The most embarrassing thing about being a scientist is getting an equation wrong and accidentally turning into a cow.
The Hand That Pats You by Dondedun
6072 views, 59 favorites, 3 comments
You know that classic saying, "Don't bite the hand that pats you or it will glow green and pat you until you are a cat!"
Crown of the Slime Monarch - Slime TF by Dondedun
4526 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
Once the slime king was dead, the slimes decided to elect the one who slayed him as the new slime monarch.
Delayed Dragon - Dragon TF by Dondedun
6109 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
It was only when she began to feel the first egg coming along that she realized the spell had been a success, it just hadn't taken effect immediately
Sudden Tail by Hukeng
6289 views, 49 favorites, 4 comments
You can´t hide things like this forever...
Dog Filter - Dog TF by Dondedun
11018 views, 103 favorites, 4 comments
Wow, the new dog filter is incredibly realistic!
Lizard Time - Chameleon TF by Dondedun
4939 views, 48 favorites, 2 comments
That feeling when you're so embarrassed you become a chameleon and attempt to blend in with your surroundings
Bwak!? - Chicken TF by Dondedun
5542 views, 28 favorites, 1 comment
The café was short on eggs but fortunately Janet volunteered to acquire more