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Maundy gets goo'd by Spacecat
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A comic commission for maundrill @ FA!!!! Maundrill goes exploring a deep cave, but he is attacked by a WILD SLIME. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Spoiler alert, he gets absorbed by the slime and turns into a pile of sentient shiny slime! Goopy goop goop!
The Hazards of Plumbing by Kitsunefan
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People will flush anything, even hypnotizing hippo goo
Gooey Snake by Ottter
11773 views, 53 favorites, 1 comment
"It'd been a hot summer day, but he didn't expect it to be this hot!" The first Patreon Request image is out! :D I had waaaaaay to much fun with this, what with it being a Gooey-snake TF/melting image XD
Goo Blender by Virmir
11583 views, 40 favorites, 6 comments
I don't think we're grape-flavored.
Transformation 3 Rubber Dalmation by Poodleboy
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see more at
Honeyed by Virmir
13143 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
Goo-d Times (Complete) by Sl1psh0d
3 images, 35264 views, 95 favorites, 5 comments
Suddenly, a comic! Pretty interesting 3 page goo comic for TDK and RyanR. Two frat-boys seem to have found themselves in a mysterious situation! Lets see what other shenanigans these two bros will find themselves in~! Page Three: Completed 3/3
The Shift by Dragonmanmike
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Okay I have to start off I simply love the symbiote characters from the marvel universe, but what if they weren't evil. What if they wanted to use thier powers to help people. well it looks like this wolf, no name yet, has gotten one of these. All she has to do is call the symbiote and it covers her head to toe giving her amazing shapeshifting powers Little fun drawing I doodled today while watching TV