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Joining the clouds by Niche
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The full sized version of a Halloween avatar, I had to crop a lot of it and its still a bat transformation! v·v If you didn't know, bats are one of my all time faves.
YCHA"Pumpkin monster goo TF" by Kaju
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YCHA art
Three heads are better than one by Danwolf
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Second headshot for Halloween ! This time a more transformation related piece,including good old Cerberus :3 One more to go ! Neox gave me the idea for the next one,but no more spoilers,gave away too much already *giggles* "Erm...guys ? Why are you looking at me like that ?" *the sides of my maw begin to creep up into a creepy smile against my will
YCH Halloween - Wereboar by Ametf
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Commission @Ealadubh The 'Werebeast' slot of a Halloween YCH I held
Devilish Delight by LanceNightingale
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Wolfman 2014 by Viergacht
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A photomanip commission of a classic-style wolfman, for use in a book. I started with three different photos of men's faces (all from Shutterstock), did a lot of subtle tweaking to make the face look less human - lowering the forehead, making the eyes further apart and the mouth area larger - and then added in elements from apes and bears. The nose is morphed between human and dog. Funny enough, I didn't use any wolf elements.
Bat transformation by Niche
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Done for Halloween, an energetic bat transformation.
What do you think is in the punch? by Niche
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Older drawing featuring myself and some friends at a Halloween party. Seems something is going around...
"Tanuki Chocolate is Delicious!" by Eccentricchimera
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And here's another Halloween themed transformation that I had in mind, a chocolate bar TF, this time featuring my good friend Zakk.
Halloween 2014 Raffle - Kirbutashi by Eccentricchimera
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And here's a Halloween raffle prize for kirbutashi, featuring a random female with a...strangely supernatural growth on her belly... ...she should probably get that checked out...um, before it eats someone. XD