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The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding by Sonicspirit
59 images, 121435 views, 66 favorites, 104 comments
You can see the prologue here: http://www.transfur.com/Users/Sonicspirit/Submissions/22812 And the comic's website: http://sonicspirit.net/new_normal/index.php I have a Patreon, now! Join up to see pages early! https://www.patreon.com/sonic_spirit
Human to Fox by CreatureMaster
2771 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
Look like them like the new tail them have I do like the way i make the skin turning into fur
Honeybee Jules by Mxmaramoose
3581 views, 24 favorites, 2 comments
honeycomb is extremely sweet, Jules here find it to be the best treat ever!
Hummingbird Griffon TF for Lance by Mxmaramoose
3699 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
Space Dragon Recruitment! (2021) by Axolotlthon
2886 views, 15 favorites, 1 comment
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/74hc595 becomes a space dragon after a special vaccine is used! and a rubbery outfit automatically forms from their old clothes! How convenient! They'll sure be ready for their new underwater nuclear job now! Space dragons are a free open species by 74hc595! You can create one and modify them in any way you want. Contact him for a 3D model base if you want one. Originally on Fa: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44703196/
Sphinx for Icaron (TF/TG) by Mxmaramoose
3524 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
Icaron on FA Commissioned me for this absolutely adorable piece of a slow tf/tg into a sphinx. hope yall enjoy ^^
Protect the Environment: Litter Clean-Up TF by Sonicspirit
7 images, 7071 views, 19 favorites, 2 comments
I coudn't decide what to call it, so I just went with both my ideas. ^_^;; It's just "Litter Clean-Up TF" in my files. ^_^;; Sooo...I started drawing this sequence in September of 2020. Not to say that it actually took me that long to draw all seven frames (or the cut eighth frame I'd initially sketched out), just that I've picked at this off and on since then, only finishing it today after coming home from work early with a migraine (I'm probably gonna need to go lie down again soon.) I h...
Getting Lost in a Musical by Mxmaramoose
5986 views, 31 favorites, 5 comments
an anonymous commissioner asked to be introduced to the world of cats the musical... so I sent him a cursed vinyl and let the music do its work.
Bit of a Trotter! by Gryphius
2806 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
Bit of a rotter! Aye, that's me!
Liontaur postTF TG by Mxmaramoose
2 images, 3995 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
my frequent commissioner Frost has been in the mood for some liontaur TG lately and who am I to say no? hope y'all enjoy ^^