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The Yeen Scene by KrazyIvan
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A quite long project that has been in the making for more time than i care to admit is finally getting some line art and thought i'd share. https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan
Hyena tf by Briandabluefox
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Hyenas are in the top 5 favorite tfs of mine. Why? I won't say. Also, I do have tf commisions open. If you are interested, message me.
[c] Flexing a New Form by Recurrent
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A cel shaded piece for Ailus ---------- Would you like to get a HiRes version of this piece and more? Consider supporting me on Patreon for as low as $1 a month. Patreon.com/Recurrent Find me on other sites Linktr.ee/RecurrentArt
Gnoll Idol [COM] by Hukeng
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Commission for Griff!
Gnoll Wizard by Hukeng
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Shuffling those stats around real good... Including aftermath pic commissioned by Marberguson!
Headshot Commission: Might as well Yeen by Lucern7
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Another old commission from my MistressMissingno account from ForNorami(on DA) having another strange reaction. This time at least his hat still fits. Similar Coms Available for $75 (DM Open Too!): https://forms.gle/8b7rYYD9si6URtZa9 https://forms.gle/3B1sQH6icifZxupW7 Patreon: https://patreon.com/LucernsArtDen
Hyena Toon Paint Transformation 2 part by Squeakycanine
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CHUCKLEMUTT IS THEIR WORD. HYENA BULLIES DON'T TAKE KINDLY TO YOU LAUGHING AT THEM AT THEIR TOON COMEDY CLUB. SEE HOW YOU LIKE OTHERS LAUGHING AT YOU AT YOUR OWN COMEDY CLUB. Hyena comedy clubs are known for their laughs throughout Pinnacle Peaks, but sometimes the laughter backstage is there to hide some of the other muffled noises. There's no business like funny business. Toon TF YCH commission for former real human/former male
Yeen Scene by KrazyIvan
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So i did a couple sketches a while ago that picked up some interest lately, long story short ive drafted a comic and this is my familiarizing myself with the character again, only a lot more detailed. https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan
Another Venn Wereyena TF by Adaru32
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(Almost forgot I had an account here...) I was nominated by a cousin and friend to partake in this 10 day art challenge on Facebook. For day 6, I made this image of my werehyena character Venn transforming (This was the only one I coloured in the challenge). Done on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet and a mouse.
Yeen Scene Tryouts by KrazyIvan
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New tryouts for a pretty sweet gig https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan