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Hatchday by Taitora
4242 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
I turned 26 today or should I start counting at zero again...?
Pooltoy Orca by Taitora
3251 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
Summer time An inflatable orca TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Birthday Cake by Taitora
2028 views, 11 favorites, 0 comments
Surprise! He has turned into a birthday cake at his own birthday party. I'm sure the guests will like him. An inanimate cake TF sequence for StormyWolf295.
Compensation by Taitora
3351 views, 15 favorites, 1 comment
"Unfortunately, our store doesn't have a cash compensation policy for damaged items"
Ball Chaser by Taitora
2271 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
He is surely the best ball chaser. A wolfhound dog TF commission for Nightfirer.
Pet Door Trouble by Taitora
3026 views, 24 favorites, 0 comments
Well it's called a pet door for a reason. A black cat TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Meganium TF by Taitora
2153 views, 18 favorites, 1 comment
Maybe it's not that bad to be like this for a while.
Nubian Goat TF by Taitora
1937 views, 18 favorites, 0 comments
A nubian goat TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Year of the Ox by Taitora
1552 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
Hopefully living at the farm won't be so bad.
Lost In The Desert by Taitora
1674 views, 17 favorites, 0 comments
He might not like his new body, but his hump will help him survive. A dromedary camel TF sequence for ShadowFox014.