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(Old) Kuki Monster (2010) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this is an old sequence I made back in 2010. This is my little kitten OC, Kuki. Canonically, he doesn't transform into this creature. It was just something I made for fun. DanteVergilLoverAR is my Deviantart username. Drawn with a pencil first, then went over everything on Photofiltre and GIMP.
(Old) Foot Fiend TF Request (2010) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was an old sequence I did back in 2010. This was around the time I went over my pencil drawings digitally. This was requested by Hawaiianshirt on Deviantart. Drawn with a pencil first then went over everything on Photofiltre and GIMP.
(Old) Demonic Beast TF (2009) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was an old image I did back in 2009. Around the time before I drew stuff digitally. Drawn with a pencil first, then went over it with a pen, and coloured with pencil crayon.
Warg Tf For Zashay by Kuzim
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Commission for Zashay over on DeviantArt. Their character Yuki, is transformed into a white, winged warg mount by a malevolent goblin warrior
Strange Change in the Monstrous Mansion! by Spacecat
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A VERY long overdue raffle comic for supertrainstationh. It went through a few script changes but here it is! It’s a Halloween night, and H decided to explore an old mansion that happens to be haunted. He then transforms into a Yaperc, a type of monster with a tail head that likes to eat shoes. Yaperc species belong to STSH. Happy Halloween :3
The Witching Hour by Danwolf
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Comission for TeronWarfang Uh oh. Looks like lancefoxx got himself in trouble again ! D: Welp dont piss off witches with your stupid halloween jokes or you might end up as their personal pet !
Col on Sketch : A Hero Bold by Urbanvixen
8870 views, 64 favorites, 11 comments
Commission for an awesome regular customer of his Rookie Superhero character fighting evil and saving the w-... oh.... ah, well, points for effort I guess ? This was far too much fun to do - going for a comic-book style image. I made up the ChangeBeast on the fly, but now there must be more. I want a ChangeBeast of my very own ^.^
Purple Eggs [CM] by Hukeng
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Commission for boater-hat. Bug creature transformation, featuring considerable amounts of purple.
Aquatic Hybrid KSUIT 1049NG by K-Libra
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Part of an art trade with @nolhyaa Nolhyaa is a valuable aid in K-SUIT development and testing. Thanks to her there have been further advancements. Combining spinosaurus, orca, and modern snake traits. K-SUITs exist for people to live their fantasies and this means adaptability to one's desires and expanding them. ... Ok, out of kayfabe I took this farther than I planned to, since I just had an idea of what would look better. So, I tried a different way of coloring. This was pretty good f...
After 5 years being a werewolf.... Tfs can be calm.. by Manto
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Thought I usually prefer intense expressions, a bored face seemed to fit best this picture. I wanted to focus on the bone structure and other small details this time