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Letting her true self off the leash. by DogTFFan23
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Water Pooch by DogTFFan23
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Finished my photo manipulation break now I mostly took a break because of a mean comment I got but I know some people here enjoy seeing them.
Science Experiment Gone Awry by DogTFFan23
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Be careful what you work with in a laboratory Or you may just end up as a test subject yourself.
Quit Fighting Like Dogs. by DogTFFan23
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Or you can be dogs for real!
She's such a b*tch by DogTFFan23
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In A Tight Spot by DogTFFan23
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Man to leopard transformation.
Lux-ury Vacation by Pythoscheetah
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I've done a bunch of male Pokemon TFs recently, so I wanted to do a female one. Human stock by Jagged-eye Animal stock by Monsterbrand-stock and Fotostyle-Schindler
Ceanoth the Dragon by Pythoscheetah
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Dragonfire3122 seems to be admiring his new tail. And who can really blame him? Animal stock by Nathies-stock, Crysta-stock and Castlegraphics
She's A Fox by Pythoscheetah
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It's been a long year for everyone. So just take a deep breath, relax, and become a fox for a while. Human stock by Cathleen Tarawhiti Animal stock by Woxys
Quick Manip Shewolf TF Series (2013-2017) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was a series of quick photomanips I've made in a few years. The first 3 come from 2013, next 2 are from 2016, and the last one's from 2017. All figures/models are me. Done on GIMP, Photofiltre, and Sai.