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[c] Your Flight has Arrived by Recurrent
4972 views, 26 favorites, 8 comments
A cel shaded commission with a background for Werenimal and @pheagleadler
Gonna Need a Roo Passport by Stickmanwww
23029 views, 196 favorites, 14 comments
Commission Sequence for @Pheagleadler (hg3300) on Furaffinity Phil was excited to finally have the time off to use his slowly built up travel points, for a dirt cheap first class flight to the land down under. The woman at the information desk informed him that because of a delay with his scheduled flight, he was one of the lucky passengers to be rerouted onto a newly sponsored "private" flight. Upon boarding the Roojet, Phil couldn't contain his excitement to finally be heading off into ...
The Calm Before The Storm by Rex_equinox
8 images, 16250 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
Commissioned by Zohaku
Commission - Just a plane gryphon by Demyxia
5445 views, 27 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for tain of a gryphon unexpectedly beginning to TF into a jet! This was surprisingly fun to do o.o My first vehicle morph, fun stuff enjoy
Commission - PheagleAdler by kitsunedark
9446 views, 42 favorites, 1 comment
Aaaannnddd the Last one of the first run of commissions! This is what I call a Focus TF, where you have the 50% TF in the middle, and along the sides, have the focused limbs transforming. This was interesting to do, my second in vehicle TF's and focus TF's hahaha, so I'm just glad its done and over with, it takes a lot of time and effort to do one of these, and all the details i put into this one, it took extra time. Character © @PheagleAdler