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Pool Toy Bubble by Tonde
15331 views, 41 favorites, 3 comments
request for Gubaguy in FurAffinity. he become to fursona of pool toy version!
[commission]naga goo TF 2 by Kaju
35903 views, 202 favorites, 3 comments
[commission]naga goo TF by Kaju
26844 views, 160 favorites, 2 comments
Xguest by Kaju
4 images, 29774 views, 167 favorites, 17 comments
Rubber Skunk in a Box by Demyxia
8610 views, 56 favorites, 4 comments
Order yours today!
Don't Look, I'm Changing! by Swatcher
9483 views, 33 favorites, 9 comments
Here's a portrait of my friend Flir about halfway to becoming a rubber lion. Unlike with Gryf, his transformation takes place in a whimsical land of bright colors. This kinda transformation is very pleasant. His skin texture has changed, and his hair has solidified into a sculpted mass. Every time he wants to change a little more, all he has to do is clear his mind of any non-feline thoughts. Before long, he'll be romping about on all fours and staring longingly out of windows. This pic is...
Rubbertiger by Swatcher
14017 views, 74 favorites, 17 comments
Turning into a solid rubber tiger can be a bit of an uncomfortable process. For Gryf. :)
asian dragon slime transformation by Kaju
5 images, 52544 views, 280 favorites, 25 comments
1.A pink egg was hatched. Red slime comes out from that and takes him in. 2.The slime covered his upper body. He struggles to escape, but the slime does not leave it. And I let his body change in quality. 3.His body grows like a snake. And he transformed himself into an Asian dragon. Finally the foot of the human being part who stayed is absorbed to slime. 4.The slime completely wrapped up his foot. He struggles to remove slime, but the slimes are not produced. And the tail grew, too. 5.The ...