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Hippo TF by KrazyIvan
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Poll sketch for my bro's
Reading comprehension!! by Verrest
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It's a life skill! commission for whitemadrigal on tumblr! skunktimes ahoy
Afghan hound by Edthebordercollie
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unexpected results from using dog shampoo. first of an A-Z dog TF series I just finished
FC2011 Perfect Pup by Flinters
28432 views, 289 favorites, 26 comments
You'll be 500% more attractive to others when you use Perfect Pup shampoo Ideal to bring the real dog out in you... FC2011 commission. I like little scenes like this. Gives me a chance to draw stuff like towel holders and faucets.
SwimsuitSkunk by Cobalt_K
27007 views, 309 favorites, 13 comments
The mirror in her hand nearly slipped from her fingers. The strange sensations she had experienced after using the new bodywash now made complete sense. The bottle had promised beauty beyond anything seen before. She was hard pressed to deny that the results were a success, for as she locked eyes with her reflection she was overwhelmed with awe. Her dark, soft, silky body was a stunning wonder to behold. It was almost captivating enough to make her forget that she no longer stood a chance in the...
Mane n Tail by Corvidima
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