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"Random Zaps Tend to Do That to People..." by Eccentricchimera
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And here's a rough sketch/kinda inking that I've been planning to do for a while, of a *gasp* non-toony TF! This one features a currently nameless female being transformed into a muscular fox girl by a random burst of magic...that totally came out of nowhere...yep...
Suddenly..... by Wuffy23
8814 views, 75 favorites, 3 comments
TAILSPLOSION! Lol flat colour commission for Ace Shep over on FA who was the lucky winner of my recent free art raffle :3 Ive been wanting to do a proper tailsplosion for a while and this one worked out nicely lol :p Looks like Ace has had quite a shock at his current situation, Or it could be that those jeans were quite expensive >.> *Sigh* its not easy being a were animal :3
Orca pool toy TF by Tonde
14725 views, 68 favorites, 0 comments
Merge with Orca pool toy!
A Horse Named Charity by Comic
5 images, 30327 views, 289 favorites, 14 comments
Some people don't like the name. Well to them I say the following. "-pbbbbbtt-...That's the sound a butt makes." -Comic, 2014
Boys of a Feather by Comic
9629 views, 68 favorites, 2 comments
Just Grin and Bear It by Ciervo
7811 views, 45 favorites, 0 comments
Ryanr likes to give beary thoughtful gifts to his friends for their special days. The recipients just have to learn how to bear with him.... --- Commission for the aforementioned guy, hehe. He's been trying to get me to be a bear for so long and finally succeeded :P
Let's get Dangerous - TF Comic Commission by Ametf
10846 views, 62 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for RavynArcadiaValos of his character tfing into his more feral form.
Morning Changes by Ciervo
10592 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
Experimenting with lighting, mostly :)
Rev up your Vecks - Lizard to Motorbike TF Comic Comm by Ametf
12743 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
Rubber-vecks's Comic commission. Looks like Veck is checking out his muscle, but he could do with a little increase in speed. I'm not sure this is quite what he had in mind for a "body tune up" though!
Entropic Emerald by K-Libra
10679 views, 43 favorites, 2 comments
My entry for the transformation contest on DeviantArt. So, I went ahead and did it. Also decided to use my likeness because why not and it's pretty fun to do. I love emeralds, so naturally I'd pick this up. No big deal, except...