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Kite Festival by Taitora
1122 views, 7 favorites, 0 comments
Good day watching the new sky filled with amazing kites. An inanimate Ho-oh kite TF sequence for Squishpad.
[c] Potion of Flight by Recurrent
1091 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
A flat color commission with an eye blink add on for Hughsie_Arty
A Little Birdie Told Me by Wereskunk
2 images, 2534 views, 36 favorites, 6 comments
After waking up and realizing that when I walked pass a mirror in my room it wasn’t my girlfriend staring back at me. It was my own reflection. I panicked and called up my girlfriend. Which wasn’t easy as I former had fingers and a quite handy thumb. ‘Ring Ring Ring’ “You have some nerve calling me”. ... “Oh? Hehe That’s interesting. Must’ve been that charm I got for you. The one I got you for your birthday. Told you to always wear it. Glad you least took that too heart”. ... “The cha...
Join the Flock by ChaseTheFox
3259 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
What are those birds flying overhead for? Why is my nose suddenly so pointy? Wait a minute... AH!
Jaylin chillaxin by KrazyIvan
3687 views, 25 favorites, 3 comments
An off shot from my personality quiz sketch sequence. Jaylin left the quiz half way through to browse twitter. In answer to your question, yes there is a nude:
Peafoxten by KrazyIvan
4746 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Patrons on a poll tier were being rather indecisive on a vote for a TF, so i combined all three together.
Mystery Booze by Phrannd
4911 views, 72 favorites, 3 comments
Swearing off drinking random bottles is generally a good policy.
July sketch compilation by KrazyIvan
4 images, 6163 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
Some of the things i've been upto this month.
Patreon Sneak-Beak - Bird TF by tfancred
5658 views, 55 favorites, 1 comment
If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Lately, I started working on a new comic and a surprise that I will soon start the progressive release! Don't miss it out, it will be awesome! ;-) Now, Story time! Test subject wanted cash compensation! This is what caught Britney's attention. She didn't even read the contract before signed. Five minutes later, she was injected some serum and placed in a ...
One Last Kiss by KrazyIvan
6895 views, 49 favorites, 8 comments
Sad TF, sorry. The idea came to me when i was doing a headshot sketch for a bro. For more stuff and sadness: