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Random Tf October by Tomek1000
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well i had so much work on my head that i done this art so late :( here is tf into tiger for :iconsaigyoujin: she had luck to get random tf for October i hope she will like it
Dragon Tf Spell by Tomek1000
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Special birthday gift for :iconnexeron: i turned him here into anthro dragon :) Oh ye i'm bad dragon XD i used special magic scroll called "Rune of dragons" efect as you see dragon tf well scroll leave part of runes as dragon marks colors was chosed by :iconnexeron: Happy Birthday! :iconnexeron:
Julius Tf Tg by Tomek1000
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here is gift for :iconmrlecarde: i planed it as his birthday gift but unlucky i had too much work and couldynt do it on time , ppl think that i only draw dragons i want show that you can buy from me not only dragon commision but almoust everything other , this time i didynt want use shading sometimes i like how looks arts without it anyway i hope he will like it i did my best i could at anatomy on this dragon only :iconmrlecarde: can use it
Random Tf Sectember by Tomek1000
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Tiana strike again! ye still a gril ... trying to learn live at moment like that coz spell will hold a bit dont worry soon i will be again male anyway coz i'm now girl i will turn everyone into them muhahaha so watch out coz i you can be my next target. ok now serious this timey my target was :iconcynderfan35: into his Dragon well with a bit help of me he also changed gender XD (coz his OC is male like him) anyway i was working hard at this art wanted try upgrade my tf skills soon i plan op...
Magic Crystal by Tomek1000
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Finaly done! art trade for :iconvirmir: i hope he will like it Well in my cave there is room where i keep magic items for example magic crystal virmir did come to help me find one magic scroll but well as i see he was more interested in this crystal unlucky he didynt listnen to me and he touch it later you know what happen, i will need hide somewhere this crystal and find something other to give light in my cave
Birthday Transformation by Tomek1000
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Uff finaly done this one was realy hard art lot of details nvm its birthday gift for :iconnolhyaa: coz she got soon birthday i know she realy like do tf arts so i chosed to make one for her i just got hope she will like it Happy Birthday! :iconnolhyaa:
Dragons Tf by Tomek1000
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Well first time i did tf of me into my dragon form its my part of art trade with :iconnolhyaa: this time i was realy hard working at art i used pen tool for lineart what took me 1 full day to do it next day did take me at coloring and shading it + BG , i put a lot work in shading to show details of body like muscule and feet build also for wings and ofcours lot of playing with hairs Short story for this art (i just wanted try do it like others do this storys for arts) When i did coome visit...
Draconomicon by CoraBlue
41996 views, 355 favorites, 16 comments
Who looks for a bookslip in the middle of the book, right next to the dragon transformations section? Somebody who deserves what they get, that's who!
Wrong spellbook Blackwell! by Gaia1234
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Was a gift for Blackwell sometime ago. I wanted to try an animal not much in Tfs. Gemsbok. c:
Bippity Boppity by Robertge
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"Hey look, I'm getting the hang of this!" "mmmhff?!" Nothing like being a literal fat princess! Fat Bovine Princess is rekzar on FA.