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Fly by Terminotaur
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Octransfur challenge Day 16: Fly Different direction with this one, similar to the one posted a few days ago with the water dragon. I just like the idea of an elemental force coalescing around as the changes slowly start, and they slowly change to fit the form around them.
Mechanical Troubles by Mxmaramoose
2479 views, 14 favorites, 5 comments
#Octransfur Day 5, and this ghost hunter appears to be having some Mechanical issues with his spirit box.... he probably shouldnt have insulted it though, posessed Spiritboxes can get a bit tetchy.
Cat Toy by Mxmaramoose
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#Octransfer day 2! The theme here is Toy! Magical spirit cats sure like to toy with thier prey before transforming it.... and sometimes they also enjoy toying with it after as well! Literally! This poor girl is now a cute electronic cat toy
Secret by Taitora
4490 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
...are you... afraid of me...?
[Animation] Inner Beast by Taitora
7176 views, 27 favorites, 4 comments
Bunny TF by Sa_no
7546 views, 74 favorites, 4 comments
beware of a cursed carrot
Karma by Taitora
4 images, 14727 views, 49 favorites, 6 comments
He got what he deserves. Punishment TF for CelestialRainicorn.
Cat TF by Sa_no
8183 views, 67 favorites, 4 comments
Fox curse TF by Sa_no
12003 views, 138 favorites, 6 comments
Cursed treasure by Sa_no
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