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Sylveon! by Daze
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Sylveon tf trade for BronyTwin02 on Twitter!
Tu Est Un Pokémon? by Wereskunk
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Comment ça va? Tu parle Français? Learning French and just decided use it here because I won’t really be using it much (learning it for fun and to challenge myself) I hope what I said makes sense. If you speak French please feel to comment and if you don’t you can comment as well :3 Anyway here’s me transforming into a Sylveon. Why? It’s a mystery. Man, I sure do love Sylveon. Do you love Sylveon? **text correction: Oui, je suis un(une) Nymphali mâle(femelle) ? **
Minor Adjustments by Gryphius
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Should you ever find yourself permanently stuck half transformed into a Pokémon, don't despair! Through relatively minor adjustments to your home and professional life, you can fit in just fine!
flying fairy by ashiinu
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Fairy Friend by THE COAST IS NEAR
11254 views, 59 favorites, 5 comments
When you're carrying too many pokepuffs and your affection level goes through the roof