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Pissed Off Werevulture by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Wanted to do some perspective stuff! Also haven't done an uncomfortable-looking werebird in a while.
[Commission]-Shamanistic Life changes by Fringedog
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I hesitated posting this a bit since the TF element is not so obvious, especially being such a post-TF, but this was actually a commission I got from somebody here who asked me to work on a form design for a TF game. The idea is the character fell on some shamanistic headress who transformed them into an anthropomorphic bearded vulture as so seen, leaving only the small cowl around their neck as part of the original item while imbuing them with shaman-like abilities and outlooks.
Vulture by Fenchurch
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Culture Vulture transformation time! Wandering around one too many museums of strange carvings from Asia Minor can have this side-effect!
kaveri by Bilious
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Meet Kaveri. She is a communist hippie who came to the new Island of Doctor Moreau under the pretents that it was a commun where she would earn her keep as a gardener. Little did she know how wrong she was. Updated as she "officially" changes in the RP- character belongs to Antherios. inconsistancies in clothing are on account of this being a slow change over time ^_^ edit 4/26/07 Kaveri is complete!