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Typhlosion TF by Sa_no
9170 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
Typhlosion drink! (He's kinda weasel... right?)
[CM] - Nichara weasel tf by Inkblot
8433 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
a commission for Nichara (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nichara/) , of himself turning into a feral Weasel
Mail by LanceNightingale
4 images, 24263 views, 188 favorites, 3 comments
Malcolm receives a strange letter with no return address, upon opening the letter he finds a coin. -Commission-
Mustelid Machine by Weazel75
5482 views, 23 favorites, 3 comments
Redraw of an older image. Not sure how I feel about this one in relation to the original.
Surprise, Taur! by Weazel75
11878 views, 53 favorites, 5 comments
Redrawing of an older image.
Tak Amulet by Weazel75
9378 views, 28 favorites, 1 comment
They said the amulet would keep him warm in winter. It did all that and more. --- Nikitaks belong to Not-Fun! You can check them out here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/not-fun And the webcomic that Nikitaks feature in here: http://www.inhuman-comic.com/
Together Forever by Weazel75
11446 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Pine Marten + Siberian Weasel = River Otter, apparently!
New Hire by Weazel75
7284 views, 35 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Just-A-Username on FA featuring myself.
Weasel War Dance - TF Comic Special by Ametf
14315 views, 82 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Rimme on Furaffinity. Don't sniff funny holes - you never know what's going to happen!
Tribal Weasel by wrenzephyr2
8758 views, 78 favorites, 3 comments
Magic is a crazy thing... sometimes it can help you gain great understanding or power... sometimes it turns a sorceress into a fluffy weasel-otter thing... c'est la vie Wonder what someone has to do to turn back?