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Hatchday by Taitora
5133 views, 29 favorites, 1 comment
I turned 26 today or should I start counting at zero again...?
Most Attractive, Wish by Wereskunk
4902 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Wished to be attractive and I got my wish by becoming a beautiful long water serpent Pokemon... Well I have become very pretty but maybe I should have specified I meant to stay human.
Grabs Your Beak by Wereskunk
1888 views, 6 favorites, 0 comments
Someone on Twitter tweeted *grabs your beak* and felt like transformation prompt. So I drew this in response. Oh looks like I’m not just getting a beak...
Bradly by KrazyIvan
7684 views, 52 favorites, 5 comments
This one actually has a story, a proper one, with 1000's of words. I've been writing something for the last couple of months and its still a work in progress but we felt a picture was in order. Part one: http://www.docs-lab.com/submissions/2641/a-fair-trade-part-1 Part two: http://www.docs-lab.com/submissions/2723/a-fair-trade-part-2 Moar TF: https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan
Wish Granted by Mxmaramoose
5540 views, 24 favorites, 0 comments
Day21of #Octransfur and really.. people should know better than to go around saying their wishes out loud.. you never know who might be listening!
KimaRoo by KrazyIvan
8684 views, 85 favorites, 1 comment
Another Poll sketch. Long jump finals for Kim going great if not only for one thing... More shiz available here: https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan
Giraffe by BengalBoy
11177 views, 96 favorites, 4 comments
Careful what you wish for, you don't know what might be flying over at that time. Trying random animal cause.....why not? Art owned by me BengalBoi
That's not what I wished for... by Inkblot
3 images, 16645 views, 26 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Nichara ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nichara ) The constant heat of the savannah was getting to troodon. Rather tired and thirsty, he jokingly wished that he had some shade and water. unfortunately, it seems someone was listening, and granted his wish....though not in the way he would have liked...
Secret life of Cat by Ichihara-chan
3 images, 13811 views, 86 favorites, 10 comments
Another feral-to-anthro commission for Ehh123 on FA - this time, it's a feral-to-anthro catgirl comic! You want one? I'm always open for commissions!
Random Dragonification by KrazyIvan
14637 views, 91 favorites, 5 comments
I had a story for this one i promise! But it got eaten by my dog then he barfed in a furnace. Damn you boonie!