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Why Not? by Hukeng
2 images, 7127 views, 44 favorites, 1 comment
Awkward questions to ask your werewolf friend.
Just a prank by WhenWolvesCryOut
4925 views, 55 favorites, 5 comments
Guy just gets home from a long day, only to have a bucket of a strange chemical fall on him as he opens his door, turning him into a big wolf dude. I just felt like trying to draw a silly little tf sketch.
Profile Doodle by KrazyIvan
4772 views, 34 favorites, 15 comments
updated profile image i cant upload for some reason. https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan
Happy Thanksgiving! by Dog_Girl_Kari
8233 views, 48 favorites, 13 comments
I extend to all you big, juicy, meaty people an invitation to enjoy Thanksgiving at my house this year... >:3
Get trunked ! by Danwolf
4651 views, 16 favorites, 2 comments
Just something silly owo I really like big tails,bodyparts and trunks <3
Don't peek under his costume by Danwolf
6011 views, 21 favorites, 1 comment
Welp. I fucked up @w@" This was fun to draw. I love drawing creepy,demented shit ! :D Also I'ts been a while that I wanted to draw a Mimikyu tf,I love him <3
Get the bug spray by Danwolf
5392 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
Welp...too late. Now you're... One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us. Happy (early) Halloween guys ! This is the first Halloween pic from the three I'm doing every year :3 Two more creepy transformation or halloween themed headshots coming this month,stay tuned !
Midnight Wolf by Taitora
4 images, 8573 views, 27 favorites, 0 comments
TF practice doodles I drew for Lucariark on Twitter
Wolf TF by Kaju
7066 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
Request with Twitter
Game Over by Altered
4 images, 16537 views, 57 favorites, 4 comments
From 2016, an unlucky wolf TF comic for VulpineTF!