Scurry UPS Werewolf by Sergio P. Wolf

Scurry UPS Werewolf by

Date: 12/9/2013 Views: 6923 Favorites: 43 Comments: 11

...because UPS opened up their hiring policy to werewolves...?


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The things companys do for money, right?


On the plus side, they're really freaking strong. But they *do* send shipping insurance rates through the roof.


He's dropping all the packages!

Not a very good UPS delivery guy...


What are you talking about? That's all they ever do!

UPS Policy: Drop, Knock, and Run.


once he gets trained not to drop/damage packages not only will they not have to worry about dogs attacking them but the rate of delivery for supernatural speed would be out the roof


Selling out to corporate propaganda. Werewolves these days. Shaking my head.


Indeed! In my day, werewolves skulked on the dark fringes of society, feasting on the blood of the innocent, and that's the way it was and we LIKED it! 7@=Q


And we walked to school uphill through the snow on all fours.


my cousin, G-pa, and many other family members of mine make or have made their (UPS) trucks and i was going to get a job bucking rivets but you need to be 18 and a GED :p


I can't help but wonder if he's a bit upset over a customer's aggressive dog.


Well that would explain why there's always holes in the packages ;)