Out of the Blue by Amber-Aria

Out of the Blue by

Date: 1/27/2011 Views: 45481 Favorites: 377 Comments: 17

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Simply a commission I did for one of my customers on FA, LlunaBlue. Does this guy know what happens or why it does? Nope, it's just a skunk transformation out of the blue from being in the right place at the right time~


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Very well done! Now, I return to lurking.


*offers a round of applause* This is very great work.


Your art is fantastic.


"hmm do my man boobs seem extra perky this morning? and what's this weight on my spine just below my @$$"


it's very nice artwork just like the last one you posted.


Guys, this fantastic sequence is made up of 4 sketches, each costing 10$. What a value! I really love the third picture- and fur overgrowing the tail. Looks so real.


I like the way her arms are crossed in the last picture; it looks like she's thinking something like "being a skunk is bad enough, but these things are killing my back if I don't hold them up."




@ Selden - You are right! But it must be a mixed blessing. The new jugs will def help to counter-balance a rather substantial tail. I wonder if her skunk funk has made its presence known yet..


Super sexy and arousing.


heh... skunk funk, true, they smell a bit musky even when they haven't blasted anything... The style is superb of course: I'm a little envious, but I imagine practice will bring me up to par with you... with of course the exception of the clothes... I suck at clothes XP


*laughs* oops... this is seacigar by the way... did not realise I was on my roomies account. Ah well, she loves skunks and the furs and tfs therin... I might as well direct her attention to it now.


its great but food for thought, why are skunk TF's always female? Pepe le Pew anyone? I would love to see someone ACTAULLY do male one for once


*ponder*... good point. I'll keep it in mind when I try skunks... might be amusing to have it a twofer, with the were-skunk chasing a changing were-cat femme, perhaps pouting and giving up near the end of the transformation, realising she is became a cat, not a polecat;)


Awesome beyond words!


dd-donkey: I'd imagine male skunks would be very good for "recruiting" other femmes ;)


I like your drawin' style, also, I'm ok with most skunk tfs being female