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Valerie just signed on to be a text subject without quite realizing it. (girl > vixen)


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Don't you hate it when theat happens? You don't? oh, ok. I like it so far, I can't wait to see the rest.


This looks like the makings of a good TF sequence ^_^ Welcome to Transfur, Angrboda!


Wonderful thus far - welcome to Transfur! Great blending of pencil and computer, with a nice style to boot. Can't wait to see more.




do you use water color?


can't wait : D


Me either. Totally awesome initial pic


I love the expression in the mirror. Keep up the great work.


Rashktah- I can totally see your point, but in my own defense I did spend three pages on her face and ears, as well as the color of her hair. I think what throws it is a lot of the facial fur happens off panel on page 2 pane 2 (there is some hinted at growing on her cheek if you look). So far I have this sequence planned for six or seven pages, so yes it will continue.


Bravo! Truely amazing work. I really think you've hit the scene as one of the very best.


Great sequence so far! Will there be more pages?!?!?


oh boy, please let there be more pages!!




Woo! Tail! Looking better and better! :D


it's great that there will be more, but just how many pages? will she torn complety into a fox or just anthro? so amny questions!


I know you say you like this one the best, but I personally prefer #3. THe look on her face plus the black lip really make the image. Though, I do like this one too


gaaawd, I cannot wait for more of this awesome sequence!


haha Aries, you definitely know what's up. To set the record straight, she will be anthro, the sequence will not contain gratuitous nudity, and probably end up around seven pages long. Now that I've killed *everyone's* hopes, I can get back to finishing this. As for the increments in posting, I am coloring and posting these as time permits. When you're in college you kinda have to do that pesky thing called "going to class" :P


Judging by the comments I think you converted an army of followers, Angrboda!


Angrboda indeed. While you may be "giving birth" to strange beasties, you hardly seem a mistress of sorrow ~_^ . Superb stuff, and I look forward to seeing more. It's a pity you don't have a website, I'd love to see some of your non TF work as well.


I second that! Or third, or fourth ... great debut.


tis cute. *gives a rare thumbs up*


thanks so much, BlackRat! *loves your art*


This is turning out really well @.@ vwoot transfur is making a comeback?


I think it may very well be... w000000000t!!!! yesss!!! Thank you Angrboda, you rock!!!!


I think one of the things I like most about this: it's not another gimpy female! She's actually got muscles and shape, and isn't just skin and bone! Double Woot! Come on you guys out there - ya wanna hug a toothpick?!


So far so good.... though I have a sneaking suspician that we're going to see a shedding of clothes soon. This isn't a problem, just runs contrary to my taste. I prefer very general-audiences friendly art.


Love it! hehe, I may love a good tease, but this has me bitin my nails here, lol. Can't wait for this to be finished


How come she looks more like a tiger? Like the muzzle and ears. Don't get me wrong, I love foxes to death, but it seems a tad off. Great sequence so far!


There goes the muzzle. I was wondering when that was gonna happen.


I definately agree with FrostDrake - and am really enjoying watching this sequence come together, angrboda! Keep up the wonderful work :3


'tis coming along very well... honestly something, i think it was the coloring, turned me off a bit at first, but this one certainly grew on me! : o )


Very well done, so far. The colors and shading are just right, and the anatomy follows a strangely comfortable line between realism and toonic embellishment. All of which is to say: Awesome! n.n


wow O.O


Damn, vixen are allmost better then werewolves. :D Great job.


Well, looks like I'm not the first one to mention how good this sequence is coming along by a long shot. Keep it up, looks great!


The pose and facial expressions are very well-composed.


This is great stuff. You're fast becoming a wonderful mainstay here!


Damn this is sweeet!!!! Transfur is hitting an upload boom at the moment and i hope it keeps up, (which i doubt sadly :(...) anyways, great pic, your really becoming poupular around here!!!


This could be a transfur legend in the making boys and girls.....


So beautiful...Transfur is undergoing resurrection!


Aye, hey you wouldnt happen to be interest in story co-ops


*Chuckles* Looks like she lost her shoes, too! I can't wait for the rest of this sequence! Very nice!!


Great TF squence. Do you have a website?


It's too bad. Those really were nice pants. Buut... I suppose we all have to make sacrifices. n.n Seriously, though. Awesome page, once again. :)


The best one so far! I love how her muzzle is finally defined, and the good tight sensation on her face. Quite believable. The ripping clothes work too ^_^


Very nice work so far.


Bah. It's a great Transformation sequence. I just wish I knew the overlaying story for it, because I am a storyfreak like that :P But love the art. I can't wait to see it all when it is finished.. and don't fret if you don't get it done this weekend. I'll smack anyone who tries to insult you for it, with a stick!


This is an amazing sequence so far, I can't wait to see the final page. I'm patient, so there's no need to rush. ^^


Oooo. There are the pawpads. I would so love to see a close up of those changeing feet. Very nice squence so far. Keep it up.


man.... this sequence just keeps getting better and better!!! I to cant wait till its all said and done, dont worry about rushing, we can wait as the others said :)


Oh, and I was so looking forward to the gratuitous nudity! lol, its good to see not everyone is a raving hentai. This is probly the best frame so far.


Ah, the TF trademark rippage begins.


Plenty fanservicey butt shot. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that. :)


Her ears changed color. Great pic though!


Heh, floof goes the tail! ^.^


Ugh... forgot to color her ear. I love not catching stuff like that before I upload...


It's fine the way it is! Tasteful nudes are better anyway! :D This is perfect in my eyes!


Yeah this isn't too terribly fanservicy. It's within my limits at least. Very nice work by the way.


Smiles as the last traces of human skin disappear beneath fur.... Nicely done!


very good cant whait for the next one but take your time. I mean look at soty he's been gone forever it seems and he takes a bit long ive noticed so thats why he has so much at once, to make up for it


My compliments to Dr. Vulpine. ;) Great page, once more, Angrboda. n.n


Ah, dun feel as if you're the only one who does clean TF art. I only do clean art too. It's very much tasteful, and not porn/hentai-like. Hope to see more of your kick-ass work soon.


Wonderful job. That was probably the best sequence I've seen in a while.


*Claps* Simply awesome! Good job! :)


Incredible. Loved every frame of it. I hope you do some more sequences in the future


Great Pics! Nice transformation of the backgrund color too ;)


[does double-take] this one certainly grew on me. 'tis a soothing background color, indeed


Loved it, liked how I got to wait for every section of the sequence.


This whole thing has been absolutely beautiful. You do a great job capturing a wide variety of expressions throughout the sequence.


Actually, I often find a tasteful pose in underware tickles my whiskers more than plain nudity. I really like how she's trying to make the best of the situation and learn to work with her new feet. If I wanted to nitpick I'd say that one whisker on her muzzle looks a bit like a moustache, but otherwise it's quite good :)


Absolutely lovely :) Gorgeous pose with her exploring her own body! Looking back through the series she seems to start feeling a touch average, then can't seem to believe just how much she's grown after the change, although it's still the same her inside. Beauty may be only skin deep, but fur adds a few inches to that, and she seems like a nice person not letting her new shape go to her head. Do they have any shots like that for tods? Anyway, great series :)


very good use of colours etc. has to be one of the best tf senqences i've ever seen in my life, very well done, i look forward to seing more art from you :D


Pretty good sequence. Something I'd like to point out though, is she doesn't look any bigger despite the fact that 95% of her clothes have been shred. This is a very minor gripe but it's a problem that "should," be solved by adding something consistent to the background so we can get a sense for how large the subject is. I think.


Finally, a really good vixen sequence. It's been a while since I've seen any good vulpine tfs.


A great ending to a great sequence. This one is defenetly on my favorites list. ^^


yes, very good not at the very highest of the best but it is realy up there with some of the best on here good job for your first posts. how long did it take for each page i wonder?


Holy crap, simply put... this is one of the finest sequences ive seen in awhile, great job!! I cant wait till your next one!!!! :)


What else is there to say? Bravo! Great ending. :)


Quite nice, looking forward to your next piece.


this has to be one of my favorites, no seriously, this is realy good. I find her new form very cute...wait, not only cute, but...well, lets just say if she was real, id like to go out with her ;) hehe


A plus man. Keep it up.


I really love this sequence! Can you give me this doctor's address? lol


Wonderful job! The best sequence I've seen.


A Very beautiful drawing, and I wish I could draw half as good.~JZ


That reminds of of someone powering up on Dragonball Z. lol just a thought.


Lookin goog, :D Great sequence.


Woohoo, great work


excellently drawn, totally cute... who can ask for more?


this is one helluva good tf i hope your able to finish your other tf


love the fox tfs. this ones in my favorites though. great work!!!


Why don't you do it for boy into giraffe too?


I like it. What mediums do you use? It's very interesting, makes me wish I had friggin' Photoshop.


Thank you for keeping it clean.


Wow where could i find that doctor so i could accompany her on a date;}


OMG though as a new tf artist to be ive gotta say ive become intimadated by some of the sheer talent on this site.But ill still try my best reguardless:)


Love the drawings and the story that goes along with it. Great job!!


Dr. Vulpine must give me a shot too.