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Date: 4/7/2005 Views: 28608 Favorites: 71 Comments: 9


A quickie for those who like horsey TFs; Sophie had always wanted to ride, and now she was getting her wish, if not quite how she'd pictured. Very typical of my inks, the goal being "clean but still descriptive".


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Interesting pose. She's going down very soon.


Very nice job with this - and good inking - though I think I prefer the tones you can get with colors or pencils :) - I like the anatomy here a lot - makes a lot of sense to me proportionally, and lovely expressions :)


Wow, you really have a lot of stamina to keep churning out stuff as fast as you are. I really hope you can keep going at this pace, it's wonderful! I haffta say I luv your style. It's nice to see "realistic" waist sizes from women for a change. Lord knows we're not all skinny as a bean pole.


Thx. I love centaur TF's! Need more of them here... the last is from 2004... :/




Centaurs are one of the mythilogical critters I do enjoy tfs of, there's just something really cool about them. You did this very well. I agree that it's nice to see a lady with a realistic figure.


Very cool pic!


This is a pose that I often thought would be appropriate for a centaur in the early stages of their transformation, especially with the little legs appearing from the expanding mid-section. Any of my old pictures like this have long since been destroyed, so I really enjoyed finding this picture. Needless to say, I like it a lot.


Her undies say "Horse."