amaya by Arania

amaya by

Date: 7/1/2006 Views: 43932 Favorites: 197 Comments: 11


It's apparently Iguana-week ^_~. And OMG the scales XD. Amaya, character by Kitara Kata - a teenage girl undergoes a transformation into an iguana - not quite as empowering of a transformation as Colche's, Amaya faces selfconfidence issues as she looks less and less like a girl as she becomes a reptile.


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Amazing coloring on scales! I love all your work Arania.


I'd face self-confidence issues too losing hair and turning scaly... but daymn, nice scale work there! O_O


Great selection for her final pose. Note to Feral Labs, you can cross that cure for Acne off your product list as this version seems to have some undesirable side effects.


WOW great scals \\(^o^)//


She looks pretty satisfied at the end. Also nice to see you working with scales, excellent job.


The last frame is excellent and your fabric coloration and stretching is spot on, but the second frame has a weird arm problem. The first doesn't look very spot-on with anatomy but that could be just the dress.


she does look satisfied in the last frame. there is something so palpable and emotional for the fourth frame; you can really see her state of mind. great work


This is to Cool. I like Stage 3, 4, 5, Excellent Work...


poor thing, she starts to look like a boy partway through.


Seems to be happy in the end. Without clothes it would be much better. ;)


you are my favorite artist on the web. i love your work.