breedallaboutitink by Arania

breedallaboutitink by

Date: 8/31/2010 Views: 41504 Favorites: 120 Comments: 14


A man, bored one afternoon, wanders into a bookstore. He finds himself drawn to a book sitting out on a desk and sits down to read it. As he does, he realizes that it's not a book just about dogs - but about finding and understanding the dog within... A recent commission posted by request here to transfur! Also, just made my monthly update to my website with over 200 other new TF images :3


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wow we havent seen you in ages here arania :D i love your art sooooo much i always go your main website ^^ good to see you back here and i like the picture 2 xD


Mostly on my website (click my profile to see it) - It is too much for me to do full updates to multiple websites m.m


Huh... This really took me by surprise. At first I thought this was from a NEW artist, not having recognized the style right off. Wow... when WAS the last time Transfer saw anything from your end, Arania? Long before I stumbled into this place at least.


Check out Arania's site, seriously. Glorious updates with loads of content each month. Serious kudos.


A very creative TF, I must say; you can imagine getting pulled into a book, why not get changed by it?


Hard to say :3 I know what breeds I LIKE - but it's hard to say what breed best represents my personality/traits.


Square beard is square


Hey wb!


Husky wolf, absolutely 100% certain that's what I'd be. It is afterall what I really am in life In a sense. I'm not really a husky wolf physically, but I am mentally, and I think it may be possible for me to become it physically with meditation


Oh, and welcome back arania, great art as always


Oh, and page descriptions (belatedly >>) added :)


where can i find such a book :o ive been looking for a way to unlock my inner german shepherd


C'est quoi ton estie de probleme Leumas? Nice job Arania.


were can i get the book i want to find my inner husky