10 Feet Deep And Climbing Fast by Artist-Guy

10 Feet Deep And Climbing Fast by

Date: 8/6/2011 Views: 18316 Favorites: 61 Comments: 5


This was a result of a rush job in OC when I had a thought about how to try colouring a piece. Tail growth and blue epidermis followed. This kind of fits in with the artist challenge thing too.

So, you're in the water one day and you think. "DUUUUDE, ring diving is awesome!" You hold your breath and under you go. About to grab the ring, you look back at a nagging feeling on your spine. Your favourite swim trunks are ripped open and destroyed by a ...tail? Arms flail at the water searching for dry land. No dice.


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I could handle that. Nice piece, too.


Awws hair went poof. Nice job, pic is nice and vovid


hope he can breath air and water.


I love how his hair falls out, it probably looks the best I've seen in lizard TF's.

Great job on the details!


Don't ya just hate it when you're minding you're own business ring diving, when outta the blue KABLAM you're a lizard.. :/