Lucern TF by Artist-Guy

Lucern TF by

Date: 11/19/2015 Views: 13108 Favorites: 73 Comments: 4


"Turn around, look at what you seeeeEEEEeeeeeee,

Before her face, a dragon you will beeeeeEEEEeeeeeee!"

I'll have to slap myself for that atrocious alteration of lyrics later- *Slap Slap* Ow! I slapped myself now anyhow!

So, maybe not a luck dragon but hey! Also, I randomly remembered about this site and that I had stuff I hadn't uploaded here. So, here ya be :)

This was my part of a trade I did with Lucern I got a bit carried away with it like I do with most things I get a real burn to do. Managed to get it done in a few days too it looks like. That's really damned good for me, haha.

I still can't remember what I asked him for either. It's got to be around here somewhere but I can't find it!


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It was your two cat characters playing vidja games! I'm glad you posted this here, it's just too good a sequence for anyone to miss!


Holy shit, it's in my favourites too... I'm smart as a stump today!


the girl was so smart to troll his friend that when he turned into a dragon she dominated him. rofl o3o


Porkchop sandwiches! Oh, shit, get the fuck outta here... xD

Awesome work :)