Feral Fox TF by Atalhlla

Feral Fox TF by

Date: 4/6/2011 Views: 8699 Favorites: 22 Comments: 1


I got lazy and covered the bottom half with curly clouds :L

An experiment, doing ink/wash type things using my new water brush with built in sun lamp I MEAN water reservoir.

The brush it self isn't actually that bad, though I don't really care for it for actual watercolors. That's probably because it's small, and I have a nifty travel #8 round. This sorta thing is fine, though, and means I can do this very much on the go. I'm also using it for wetting my watercolor pallet, now.

You can order them here if your local art supplies store doesn't have them. -> [link] (Though for some reason, they're sold under Niji or something like that here in the States, even though the pen itself still says it's manufactured by Kuretake.)

Don't mind the anatomy issues...

I seem to have a lot of No-Real-Cause TFs. >.>


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youre my new favorite artist! foxies!!