finishingtouches by Baneful

finishingtouches by

Date: 7/23/2006 Views: 24100 Favorites: 146 Comments: 22


A concept piece of Pyroth's reaction to turning into a full coyote rather than a more anthropomorphic build like many of his fellow islanders.


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That's sad, yet beautiful.. Poor guy. Great artwork


Ditto. Great stuff! The only nitpick I have is that I think the fur looks a tad...well, not like fur. Great pose though!


Yeah, that was a problem I encountered, the more I defined the fur the more I lost the sort of "soft" look I was going for. I'll work on it in future images, thank you ^^


That's... powerful. very touching


Having is not so good a thing as wanting - those who dream of paws or hooves rarely think through all of the consequences. In the Island of Dr. Moreau scenarios, you pretty much have to be ready to forfeit all humanity, even if that's not what you wanted.


Wow, nice to see some emotion! We see a lot of poses, a lot of TFs in progress, and sometimes an action pose. But getting emotion through without overdoing it is hard, and I think you did it. Very nice pic. Especially since I like coyotes. :)


tragic yet well drawn ;)


Aww, Pyroth!! Great piece. Love the feel, and well-done. I also love how the human-reflection is not entirely visible. <3


Nothing bad to say about this piece... It's all very nice; the pose, the emotion, the art work by itself. It all spells: G R E A T ! ! !


Wonderful piece of work. Very emotional. And you chose very fitting lyrics too!


A tragic loss for this one, indeed. Quite a good use of emotions in artwork. Excellent job.


Its so sad, the emotions.... but yet the art... its absolutly jaw-dropping, amazing, simply amazing... (+fav)


Wow, this is like the saddest TF piece I've ever seen. It's so good, but TF's aren't supposed to be sad!


Ah, exploring what happens after the change, when it's sunk in. Poor guy... I feel for ya.


A very intense piece. I feel sorry for the guy.


Very, very good. You captured so much emotion in the face of that coyote, well done!!


Very emotive. Nice work.


Yes .. Great and emotional art , I never post comments..But , I had to on this .. Very Nice work .


poor Pyroth ): he and Billy need to hang out again ToT I do love this piece something feirce D: ToT I weep everytime I see it in your sig. Okay, maybe not, but I still adore it!


I think that this is easily one of my favorite pieces of art you've done, Baneful - SO much emotion, and like others have said - it is VERY heartwrenching. Soon, soon his fate will be complete >3


wow, i can't do canines... amazing work


Wow, this is amazing! I love the expressions and saddness. You should turn this into a poster or something, fantactic work!!!