billysadnonmorphicnitasho by Bilious

billysadnonmorphicnitasho by

Date: 9/12/2006 Views: 14375 Favorites: 8 Comments: 3


A corner of my sketchbook dedicated to IoDM- poor Nita at the bottom (50% red panda) just witnessed a fellow islander finsh her transformation into a wolf and deviour her best friend (who had recently finished her transformation into a rabbit)- needless to say, Nita's expression there summorizes just about everyone's expression who was present. Also Billy looking sad- it's interesting to see how his ugly face can still emote. heehee nonmorphic billy in the corner <3 still hoping his changes won't get *that* bad.


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devoured sounds kinda cool, *munches on something recently dead* especially if your a werewolf...


I like Nita's little muzzle and her hair. It really juxtaposes animal with human, and her case, I think it makes her uber cute.


hehehe, Awesome. And I LOVE the Nita in the corner. XD