Commission - Sloth TF by Birvan

Commission - Sloth TF by

Date: 2/5/2015 Views: 7829 Favorites: 33 Comments: 4


A commission I did in 2013. I lost count on the amount of yawns I had while drawing this


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So adorable! But why, why must the image be so small?


Might have to do with the screen resolution being much bigger nowadays ^^;


"For days and days, among the trees,

I sleep, and dream, and doze;

Just gently swaying in the breeze,

Suspended by my toes;

While eager beavers overhead

Rush through the undergrowth,

I watch the clouds beneath my feet:

How sweet - to be - a Sloth!" 7@=e

- Flanders and Swann


Beautiful and spot on =D