Confused Floof by WhenWolvesCryOut

Confused Floof by

Date: 10/2/2018 Views: 4767 Favorites: 52 Comments: 2


I realized I hadn't drawn anything strictly tf-related in a bit, so have a confused post-tf catgirl, in a monochrome style I'm testing. It was originally going to be a tf-tg, but I don't feel like I left enough context for that, so I'm just labeling it as tf for now.

I tried doing a background for this and realized, again, that I messed up on the placing of the vanishing points. so certain lines look like they're at weird angles. Next time, I'll have that corrected, and the perspective shouldn't be as skewed.


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Art wise it looks great to me. And why do people get so upset when they wake up with characteristics of an animal?


It just means that Nature has forgiven.