Deer Run Slanted by Comic

Deer Run Slanted by

Date: 8/11/2012 Views: 6626 Favorites: 74 Comments: 7


Fucked up the original picture so here's a tilted one... never mind the blur

Okay, so this is better. The original wasn't bad, but it's position with regard to the picture plane is screwy. The lines work, the eye can move around alright, things are clearly defined. I didn't like the original because the figure is way to close to the edge, and the angle is too extreme, it doesn't do much to help the dynamism.

Here there's still a tilt but although the girl is still at the extreme edge, but this doesn't seem to be a problem. The bottom left corner is now the extreme left and it looks more like the picture is cropped at an angle. It's not necessarily a solution but I think it looks better.


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Dynamic! I like it. ^^


Yeah, the composition's more solid here. I really like this overall, the painting's nicely done - really enjoy the ink work and the trees especially. there's something compelling about her expression. the whole thing comes together nicely as an illustration to suggest a larger story, makes you wonder "what's she running from?" etc


Run Bambi! Man is in the forest!


I must say a beautifull stylish piece of artwork you made there :3 I find deers so innocent and calm. Love it, keep up the good work.


Honestly I liked the first version better.

It got this "from a dropped camera"/"on the run" like look and fell you don't see so often.

Just my 2 cents, a lovely picture though.


I like the view you framed this :)


Y'know this kind of reminds me of the legends and myths about Virginia Dare, it's pretty cool.