siren by Corvidima

siren by

Date: 8/9/2008 Views: 65174 Favorites: 195 Comments: 12

Mermaid's as done as it's going to get. Take it as you will. Stonefish + Lionfish + Blue Ringed Octopus = POISON


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I like mermaids of all designs, so I'm definitely eager to see what this lady ends up like. The feeling of kinesis in this first picture is amazing, not just in each frame's pose, but the subtle things like the tear and flow of her garment. The theme of the piece is inspiring, too: Even standing on the precipice, apparently human, her pose and expression challenges the viewer to follow her (to his doom?), and there is *intent* to her actions that you just don't get with the traditional victim-of-wizardry-or-random-happenstance.


This is brilliant work. Everything's on-target.


I'll say... this is pretty darn *pretty* picture. I love how this sets the theme for a larger story; I get the feeling that she has been chased to wall in a way or another. Something her "enemy", on chasing her thinks as a dead end. And then she dives down just like the fall is nothing... as it is, for a mermaid. A definite favourite for me ;D


niiiice ! Want to see part 2 *patpat*


Seems to be a exciting scene! I too get the feeling she is being chased by something or someone.


Oh its beautiful! It has feeling behind it- its art, not just a simple TF.


Part 2!


Part 2 please!


This is another great sequence, and such a unique idea for a creature. I like the contrast between the two images and how she's looking up at the other diver, poses lots of questions for the imagination! =-)


Very beautiful end result. Shriekingly lethal, but what else do you want from a siren?


This just screams "awesome design!" to me. 'Nuff said.


I love the last page!!