cbtensiontamer by Currerbell

cbtensiontamer by

Date: 1/5/2004 Views: 16844 Favorites: 52 Comments: 4


Kind of a dumb idea but hey...a Celestial Seasonings employee grabs an odd cup of "Tension Tamer" tea (the box w/the dragon on the cover).


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That real life flavour of tea tastes so bad that I can only imagine dragons drinking it!!

Although.. I do own a box of it ;-)


I'm so shallow, I bought that tea just because of the dragon on the box. Its one of my favorites anyway.

I like the energetic pose of the left figure, it could have stood on its own quite nicely. You've got some good ideas.. and having more avian transformations is refreshing.


Hey, I think the picture is great. It wasn't a dumb idea at all. That style of dragon is a bit unseen around here. I like it.


Your art has a narrative quality to it that I find very charming. I also love how you've handled her head in the picture and her representation overall.